In August 2014, The Loft (where I work part-time) located in Tollesbury, Essex,  was taken over by all those involved in the Margaret Howell autumn winter 2014  fashion campaign.

Margaret Howell is an extremely successful fashion designer and she chose to shoot her latest designs in our beautiful village. Howell is a contemporary British clothing designer who has worked successfully in both men’s and women’s wear. She has been a strong, if quiet, presence on the British design scene for nearly four decades. Keynote designs are her take on the shirt, gymslip, lace-up shoes, duffle coat and trench coat. Many have an androgynous quality underlined by a succession of carefully controlled photographic campaigns, which are shot on location in black and white.

I was able to meet the models, the photographer, Glen Luchford, and Margaret Howell herself. From serving them in the tearoom I was able to observe their busy schedule and enquire about why they chose the Tollesbury Saltings to shoot. It was a great chance, for myself to watch the professionals work, choosing specific locations to suit the clothing and create an authentic, natural image to reflect Howells designs/clothing. 

It was inspiring to meet Howell and see how far she had come from making accessories, to now being a profound British designer.

These are a few of the photo’s from the shoot:

Margaret_Howell-AW14_Campaign-348x482-4 Margaret_Howell-AW14_Campaign-348x482-5 Margaret_Howell-AW14_Campaign-348x482-3 Margaret_Howell-AW14_Campaign-348x482-6 Margaret_Howell-AW14_Campaign-348x482-1Margaret_Howell-AW14_Campaign-348x482-7

To see more check out Margaret Howell’s website:


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